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The SLIVR8 is a surface mount LED dome lighting fixture designed to be a more versatile dome light solution. 


It features a solid state aluminum body that functions as its own heatsink for maximum      thermal dissipation and LED longevity.  It uses frosted polycarbonate lens for impact resistance and diffusion. 


The light features a high quantity of internal LEDs to reduce LED hot spots and create a more pleasant and diffused viewing experience while maintaining a thin profile.  The light comes standard with high color rending index LEDs exceeding CRI90 for the most color stringent needs. 


On board regulation deals with variances in battery systems creating a constant regulated output.  The front face is IP65 for accidental sprays and wipe down.  The fixture has an optional whole IP65 that includes a mounting surface gasket and watertight cord exit.  Other options include high/low, blackout red, full fixture PWM dimmable. 


Input 12VDC @ 1.2A



SLIVR8 - 5000K

  • 1: $75

    10: $65

    50:  $62

    100: $59

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