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Ridgeback Lighting Offers High Performance, Made in USA LED Lighting for a Wide Range of Uses

The TL100AC LED light by Ridgeback Lighting is an innovative solution with energy-efficient LED illumination for demanding environments, equipped to accommodate harsh climates and terrain

California-based Lighting Company Ridgeback Lighting has blossomed to become a key player in the military lighting products industry. Today, Ridgeback Lighting is thrilled to announce the launch of its Mil-Spec version of the TL100AC LED light, which is designed to provide illumination for noise sensitive environments such as military shelters, telecom shelters, radar shelters, and mobile shelters. In addition, the TL100AC comes with a multitude of mounting options for any situation and is equipped to accommodate any kind of climate zone and terrain.

Suitable for projects and applications requiring equipment with low electrical noise levels, the TL100AC light emits a low level of conducted electrical emissions and low levels of radiated electrical emissions. Speaking about the engineering milestone Ridgeback Lighting achieved in the production of their latest lighting model, Clayton Heiser, Manager at Ridgeback Lighting, had this to say, “We've been able to develop some truly amazing engineering to get these level of noise ratings in such a slim lighting profile without external noise suppression.”

With the saturation of import lighting brands, Ridgeback Lighting boasts of being unrivaled in providing high-performance lighting for various industries and applications. The TL100AC recently passed military spec certification MIL-STD-461 Rev G for 120VAC fixtures. With the MIL-STD-461G CE102 RE102 (most sensitive fixed-wing version) certification, the TL100AC LED light is tested and proven for critical emission conditions.

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